It’s only the wind.

As you hear it blow through the cracks in your door,

like a man howling, lost at shore,

would you welcome it into your space?

feel it wrap around your face?

It carries stories from places around,

caresses, cares and calm abound.

Who speaks to you when you sleep?

When you’re lying, counting sheep?

It’s the stories that you hear my friend,

don’t worry, it’s only the wind.



Offbeat* Places to Visit for someone who loves details.

  1. If you care about color : Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies at Harvard Art Museums
  2. This is fun too : American Textile History Museum
  3. Of course : The Museum of Food and Drink (NY)
  4. Can’t go wrong with : The Boston Public Library
  5. If you care where your food comes from :  (MA chapter)
  6. If you care about how beer is made : Samuel Adams Brewery & Harpoon Brewery are here in MA.
  7. Want to eat Tacos and walk by the Harbor? Here you go : Tenoch Mexican Taqueria and then just follow the salty air 😀

*Will keep updating!

A comparison of Oil Prices and Federal Funds rates.

How Oil Prices (WTI) and Federal Funds moved in the past quarter of a century:

Of course there are so many more reasons for the target for federal funds to be changed – oil price is only one of them and may even affect the Fed’s policy via channels (endogenously). In econometric terms there is a degree of correlation – but a lot depends on the kind of model you follow (many theories abound in the arena).

The United States consumes is the foremost consumer of refined petroleum products according to the CIA Factbook. – so higher federal funds target rates strengthen the dollar and the US imports of oil should rise.

Of course – oil isn’t that simple. As you can see – only the FF rate alone cannot explain why America is buying up more oil – or so much less now!